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We safety test and certificate consumer products so you can import, distribute and sell them. Choose Northern Testhouse and you will benefit from:
  • TRUSTED TESTERS — UKAS accredited and CPSIA approved
  • DEDICATED SUPPORT — from one person rather than multiple departments
  • RETAILER DISCOUNT — on testing for certain retailers, please ask for details
  • ONE-STOP TESTING — an extensive on-site lab for all your testing needs
  • AFFORDABLE SERVICE — Best competitive rates
  • RAPID TURNAROUND — a fast and easy service you can count on
  • Safety certification made simpleYour product is reviewed to determine which relevant safety tests and certificates will be required.If your product passes, you will receive:

    the product test reports the safety certificates you need to import it, distribute it or sell it (UK/EU etc).

    If your product fails, you will receive free advice on how to make it safe.
  • International compliance testingIf you have a product you would like to introduce to an international market, Northern Testhouse can help.Each case is different, so we begin by reviewing your product to see what safety standards and certificates are required.We will then compliance test the product to ensure it meets the international standards.Due to currency fluctuation it is often more economical to compliance test with us and get your product up to standard before you apply for your international certificates.
  • Product re-testing and re-certificationSafety standards are subject to change and it is your responsibility to make sure your products conform to the latest specifications as appropriate. If a product you are importing, distributing or selling hasn’t had its safety certificate updated for a while, it’s wise to check if the certificate is still valid. We can do this for you and arrange any further testing your product may need.
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